So we all have a beginning

Dear M3MO….

This may or may not be , my very first online diary but heck I’ve decided to give it a whirl anyways…A lot has happened since graduating FINALLY last year. And I don’t just mean that sudden “I’m so bored I wish I were at school” phase or “Damn…I need a job”.

 I really have seen and made quite a few changes for myself which I never deemed possible; yet probably wouldn’t have even made it to where I am right now without an encouraging sometimes, unprecedented push from friends, family or peers.

Currently as I type this up I’m just some random nineteen year old , but a lot has happened from falling off a tree at six years of age (for the sake of trying to reach down from a branch to grab that delicious red ice block et breaking m right arm in five places ) , the battlefield of school in high school at fifteen to the outrageous ventures of college and meeting all awesome kinds of wacky yet tame times at eighteen…

I am a twin and the youngest twin to boot, but I never really found it strange or weird to hang out with my parents or help them out at work. Yes…most people would look at me and at first glance think I’m lying because I may not have much muscle strength or something but I AM the daughter of a bricklayer /construction based persona.

I’ve gone through brick laying  , oxy cutting , modeling at a fundraiser ,  grey hound training & caring , babysitting , customer service e.g. KFC , firewood cutting , scrap metal , and so many other things that I thought was normal to do but apparently weren’t ?

Yet M3MO what’s so strange is how much I’ve really changed! I have never really gone or done anything alone and this year is my very first year attempting to be independent. See , I have always depended  on having my twin sister, brothers ,  sister , parents or friends to always “hold my hand , guide and decide what  I would do before I did anything” , So I admit I was a bit insecure , a cry baby and regrettably quite the spoilt brat (probably still am though ahah ^^; ) I even cried cause I got lost two times first at the city and the second at Mount Druitt ; and yes before now I never really travelled further than school or to the once in a long time trip to the movies. SO perhaps this is why allowing yourself to “explore” a bit (TRAVEL WISE), would be helpful especially to someone who’s only used to the foundations of their home.

This year after a very huge unprecedented punch in some direction, I have found myself  in the workforce as a Trainee~ Library Assistant in the City Council…Many have rolled their eyes at the word “Trainee” but I feel so happy and proud to be doing something for the very first time for myself.

When I first started on the 14th of February, it was all so new, strange, exciting but, SO SCARY!!! It’s like entering new terrain that’s dominated by some other sense of unfamiliarity, a new adventure coming into the world.   

Two months and a week ago I would have been that same scared little girl but now?…I’m not as scared; I’m writing a new chapter of my life, moving at my own pace, using my own two feet and using my two own hands…

For many that may be a mere (if that) shrug but to me it defines the gradual change taking shape. “What are you going to be when our older?” , “Do you even know where you’ll be five years from now?” “What does coming into the world mean?” those are the last questions I remember being asked  a teacher before graduation …at the time all I did was smile and walk away even though I wanted to ask

 “How do you come into the world? And How do you know when you have?”

Put plainly a lot of opinions have sprouted but one that’s rather recent was the saying “Coming into the world is when reality bites you in the a** and doesn’t give mercy or a rats a** about you “ –  some guy at the train-station said .

It’s funny because when I asked college students the same question they answer “it’s when you experience new things , a significant change happens and that there’s many consequences you’ve either got to deal with  or try to understand” in the end, we’re all individuals with a perspective like the saying ” a perspective is unique and can change over time” …

one minute you hate something and the next…you find you actually like mixing ice cream with meat pie 🙂 (if you haven’t tried i reccommend it ! it’s so tasty ! )

Well if this is coming into the world for me than I guess it’s been pretty generous and  decent …. Scary at first but exciting now. Only I need to get rid of my fatigue and find me some chocolate for an energy boost. 

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤  yayayayyayay Chocolate Cadbury Freddo for me ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Who thought being a library assistant could take up so much energy and hard work , but it’s so much fun at the same time!

I’ve learnt so much new things already !!! it’s all so educational and I wouldn’t mind  working  as a proper full-fledged  Librarian one day! ^_^


In the library i do alot of things from Circulation , Shelving , Excessioning , Cataloguing , Sensitising/desensitising , and so much more although if i have to complain about anything it would be collecting the books from the outside chute during a rainy and windy day (TT^TT)

ahah, anyways Tafe and work in the library has been so much fun !!! ❤

i got to get back to class now so ciao ~ ❤ xoxo



ahah i made a Flickr account about three times and still don’t remember the passwords so ummm what i have done on it has been pretty cool anyways , its easier to use than photobucket….i guess ahah yeah their great!

Fail at video sharing: panda cheese commercial


this will show you WHY you never say “NO” to THE panda!

wahhh, video sharing i still can’t make it a proper video i suck at this (TT^TT)

okay i must admit i LOVE  using youtube to watch funny , scary and anime based videoclips it always gave me something to do during free sessions at school , although i think i scared a few people at school  cause i had this thing about watching films on my laptop under the table eheheh normal right?

facebook social media page i found

facebook social media page i found!/LikePlusFollow?fref=ts

this was one of the subjects we were meant to find another was library so i’ll go and put in a link to it!/BlacktownTAFELibrary?fref=ts

the above link is to blacktown tafe library , i love blacktown so why not put in a tafe library ahah ^^;


UGH! Twitter? …. its okay but i really dislike it , but its great for those who like it , its easy enough to use but i just haven’t had the time for it ^^; unfortunately….

anyways i think its decent for updates on whats happening around the world and whats going on with our favourite interests but yeah …. i don’t really know much about Twitter i need to Play around with it to get a fair enough idea upon what its like and the rest of it , shouldn’t take to long hopefully and…. AHAH! more then four posts i think that counts right?

Using Social Network sites

okay another part of this asssignment is to get down the experiences of social networking , okay my experiences include using Facebook , Myspace and a very long time ago Bebo…

each and every form of social networking has actually invovled the interacting with other people who are interested in the same subjects or making new friends…
turns out Libraries actually have some forms of Facebook pages of their own?! (O.O) via the inter personal servers or something lol

and the reason for this is because they wish to keep up with the times of our modern technology i mean seriously , how things are going will libraries even be around after technology turns every book into digital sources? i think this in itself is concerning i mean , libraries are actually pretty important in themselves ,yet just like the dying field of snail/trail mail (conquered by emailing and other faster more sufficient methods) could face extinction…

so getting with the times and technology of the modern times is really important for the futures of all libraries! guh! imagine a world without books! the absurdity of it ahah ^^;

anyways i like to contact family members who live far away and friends over sea’s so in that , i love social nettworking and using the internet ❤ , i used to have My Space but it got a bit random for me to be bothered with… bebo was great for high school ^_^ i remember always going online after school just to talk to a friend nicknamed “Teddy” , but thats one thing we have to worry about bloody alias’s who are potentionally dangerous and then on top of that meanies who actually find joy in logging into someone elses account and mess with it – i mean seriously what else should we worry about whilst social networking or surfing the web? viruses? , spam? ….so many things

oh!but don’t get me wrong the internets been so helpful , and has saved me from countless evils like HOMEWORK and ASSIGNMENTS many times and over the horizon!!! so just because its hard to use sometimes doesn’t mean it needs to be written off entirely , it can still have some use like heck , bet most people dopn’t even know google had a advance search tab to it lol , a handful of people could actually find it for you yet i find it hard to believe they’res not many people who use it to get more accurate findings lol i suppose the general search will do for so many reasons ^_^